Light and Faith
Halee Kaiser- Holistic Health Practitioner
I do intuitive art! and request!  Send me your photo and I will capture your unique energies in the painting! 
For more information, contact me at (812)725-5713. [email protected], or go to the Contact tab and leave me a message!
  1. Fire Within
    Fire Within
  2. Multi Dimensional
    Multi Dimensional
  3. Drangonflies Play With Fire
    Drangonflies Play With Fire
  4. Egyption Astrology
    Egyption Astrology
  5. Never Alone
    Never Alone
  6. Hawaii
  7. Introspective Interperttion of the Crown Chakra
    Introspective Interperttion of the Crown Chakra
  8. Northern Lights Excitement
    Northern Lights Excitement
  9. God's Power
    God's Power
  10. Winter Wonderland
    Winter Wonderland
  11. Rose's Love
    Rose's Love
  12. Northern Lights
    Northern Lights

Halee Kaiser, Angelic Intuitive

If you like one of these paintings, contact me!  I will be able to eaither sell you the one on the screeen, paint you another one just like it, or use what you like about it to paint you a completely new painting!
Have you ever wondered what your energy would look like as a paitning?  Well, now you can!  All you need to do is send me a picture so I can read your energy, and I do the rest of the magic!