Light and Faith
Halee Kaiser- Holistic Health Practitioner


Light and Faith Wellness Center

We use 100% therapeutic grade organic essential oils to support the body in healing itself in the most natural ways possible. All services start off and end with a prayer and intention focused on individualized healing techniques based on each clients needs.

​Halee Kaiser
(812) 725-5713

Located at:
​Light and Faith Wellness Center
134 E Elm street,
​New Albany, IN 47150


  1. Absolutely wonderful!!!  I have a hard time laying down flat,  I have a fear of not being able to breathe.   I started out with a hard time, and about half way through it (about 7 minutes), I couldn't even tell I was laying flat on my back, AND MY BREATHING WAS ASSOLUTLY NORMAL!  It was wonderfull  :)
    15 minute trial Access Bars Session
  2. I could really feel a difference in my clarity and my awareness after the session. You are a beautiful healer. Thanks again!
    Kathy S.
    Access Bars and AromaDome session
  3. ​I was scared to even roll over my back hurt so bad, but in just minutes of Halee working on me, I was able to roll over with almost no pain!!!!!
    Essential Oil Session