Halee Kaiser
Angellic Intuitive; Access Bars; Reiki
Young Living Independant Distributer

Customer Testimonials

Absolutly wonderful!!!  I have a hard time laying down flat,  I have a fear of not being able to breathe.   I started out with a hard time, and about half way through it (about 7 minutes), I couldn't even tell I was laying flat on my back, AND MY BREATHING WAS ASSOLUTLY NORMAL!  It was wonderfull  :)


This was from a 15 minute trial session

What you did, Halee, it felted like one angel and Jesus was touching me on my leg.  It felted kind of good though.  It felted like LOVE :)


Age 5

​I was scared to even roll over my back hurt so bad, but in just minutes of Halee working on me, I was able to roll over with almost no pain!!!!!


Esssential oil session